Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response


On 24 February 2022, the armed conflict in Ukraine started with the intensification and spread of the hostilities.

This has affected most parts of the country and caused major concern for the protection of civilians and essential civilian infrastructure. Many people have fled to western Ukraine, neighboring countries, and other countries.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Response (IFRC, ICRC, each National Society)

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been responding to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine and surrounding countries.



(C)Ukrainian Red Cross Society

14.5M people reached

Providing basic assistance, support to IDP centres, adapting facilities to make them accessible for people with special needs.




805,000 people reached

Support provided at humanitarian service points, assistance with transportation and evacuation, people supported in official procedures.




245,000 people reached

Protection, gender and inclusion activities; child-friendly spaces.



(C)Ukrainian Red Cross Society

1.89M people reached

Assistance with housing/shelter rehabilitation, people housed in temporary collective accommodations or by host families, people reached with rental assistance.




10.6M people reached

Improved access to water and hygiene supplies provided.



(C)Tamara Vukov

1.19M people reached

Access to health facilities and mental health and psychosocial support, assistance with drugs and medical equipment, primary health services provided.




1.2M people reached

Multi-purpose cash assistance to support families with basic needs, rental assistance, health, shelter.

The Japanese Red Cross Society’s Response

Launched "Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund" fundraising campaign /Cash Contribution to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

The Japanese Red Cross Society has launched a fundraising campaign called "Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund" since March 2, 2022.

JRCS has contributed a total of JPY 5 billion from the relief fund mentioned above, to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in response to the emergency funding requests.

In addition to the support through IFRC and ICRC, JRCS will continue supporting the Ukrainian Red Cross Society directly.

Delegates deployment from the Japanese Red Cross Society

JRCS has deployed delegates to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine as well.

Ukraine: Pharmacist, Radiologist, Physical Therapist

Moldova: Logistics delegate

Poland: MHPSS delegate

Others: Liaison officer / assessment team


LINE_ALBUM_Lviv emergency _rehab center_230131_47.jpg

The Japanese Red Cross Society's Mid and Long-term Support in Ukraine


To survive the severe winter with a limited energy supply, JRCS supported generators, 3,000 wood stoves for home use, and other daily necessities.

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Ukrainian Red Cross Service Center in Lviv

Support to construct and operate service center, where will be a base for various services, such as clinics, ambulances, mobile clinics, and home nursing care.

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Donation of Ambulances

Donate 10 ambulances (5 for rescue teams + 5 for Mobile Health Clinic) via the IFRC.

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Rehabilitation Center in Lviv

Support for expansion and technical assistance for the Lviv Rehabilitation Center

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(C)Japanese Red Cross Society

Mobile Health Units in Ivano-Frankivsk

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society conducts Mobile Health Units projects in cooperation with the State Ministry of Health. JRCS has supported MHU in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, where internally displaced persons are concentrated in mountainous areas.

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(C)Japanese Red Cross Society

Emergency Pool Fund

Provide financial assistance to the emergency response pooling fund, which was established to respond flexibly and quickly to humanitarian needs in response to the fluid situation of armed conflict.

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Financial support for CASH Programme operated by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. URCS has supported CASH programme to host families who accept internally displaced persons especially.

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