Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross was established in 1922 in the hope of encouraging younger generations to cultivate their humanitarian spirit by understanding the Red Cross principles and ideas, and by participating actively in the Movement. The overarching idea behind the Junior Red Cross is to enable the country's youth, so that they may one day contribute, in their own way, to the establishment of world peace and the welfare of Mankind.


The Japanese Red Cross Society aims to teach students the value of life and health, as well as the importance of respecting human dignity. School teachers act as sponsors for the Red Cross. Through them, the Junior Red Cross is present at all pre-university academic levels, including kindergarten and schools for children with special needs. It makes its programs available to students during their formative years and in tandem with their academic education. The Junior Red Cross aims to teach its members to "notice, think and act". It does so by providing activities relating to the following three areas: "protection of life and health " (protecting a human life regardless of race, ethnicity and/or religion, and promoting health and hygiene), "volunteer services "(community and humanitarian service) and "international understanding and friendship " (international sensitivity i.e. teaching children how to be sensitive to and adaptable in other cultures).

Protection of life and heath

Protection of life and heath
  • Learning and practicing first aid
  • Learning and practicing home nursing
  • Learning how to prevent accidents
  • Blood donation and donor recruitment

Voluntary services

  • Hospital visits
  • Care for the physically disabled
  • Services for the elderly
  • Environmental clean-up campaigns

International friendship and understanding

Junior Red Cross_国際活動
  • Exchange of albums, handicrafts, and other gifts with Junior Red Cross members of Sister Societies
  • Exchange visits with Junior Red Cross members of Sister Societies
  • Participation in international youth gatherings

Junior Red Cross Disaster Prevention Education Program

Junior Red Cross Disaster Prevention Education Program

The program covers the prevention method against earthquakes, tsunami, typhoon, heavy rain, lightening, tornado, snow damage, volcano disasters.

"Junior Red Cross Disaster Prevention Education Program" is a booklet that complies:
A wide range of information, ready to make an immediate use in the classroom;
Tips from Japanese Red Cross Society and the teachers who actually encountered to the natural disasters;
To motivate students to notice, ponder, and execute the action towards the disaster prevention;
Movie material to give an accurate information and action plan per the types of natural disasters;
To develop the communication skill and to show the sympathetic behavior to others suffered.

DOWNLOAD "Junior Red Cross Disaster Prevention Education Program For Junior and Senior High School Students"(PDF)