1.Support the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS)

We rely on your support to help people cope with a crisis in Japan and overseas. Make a donation today and you will bring comfort to someone when they need it most. You might help families survive when disaster strikes. Your generosity will give more people humanitarian support such as medical treatment, psychological support and evacuation goods.

You would become a member of the JRCS(PDF)endorse its humanitarian activities and contribute a prescribed amount (more than 2,000 JPY) of funding each year.

There is someone who needs you today, Your donation can change their life.

Online Donations/Donate by Credit Card

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the Red Cross activities, we would be so grateful.

Please kindly click the button below.

In case you live outside Japan, however, you have an option to reach out to the local Red Cross or Red Crescent of your residence, as your donation to them would be treated as tax deductible

Donate by Credit Card

For overseas companies, please kindly consider to use the online donation platform(Global Giving, Benevity) in order to omit the due diligence process and you might be able to benefit the tax merits in the U.S. etc.

If you consider making a big amount of contribution(more than 1 million JPY) , please contact us beforehand by e-mail ( ).

Tax Incentive Information

For information of the tax incentives in Japan, please see here. (PDF)

2.Cash Grant for the affected people of each disasters.

Just after each disaster, Cash Distribution Committee would be set up in the affected prefecture and receive cash grants.It depends on the number of casualties and affected people of the disaster if the Cash Distribution Committee is set up or not, therefore, the JRCS will post each cash grant information for each disaster on Emergency Relief Page.

Cash Grant system: all funds received by the JRCS will be transferred to "Cash Distribution Committee" of each affected prefecture who decides criteria for the distribution. Actual cash distribution will be carried out by afflicted municipalities to each beneficiary.

Cash Grant system

Please kindly note that;

The JRCS will

  • close the fundraising on the date set by each Cash Distribution Committee.
  • inform the date of transfer and total amount of contribution through the JRCS Website, each time the JRCS makes a transfer to the "Cash Distribution Committee". This shall be the formality of sharing information and reporting the distribution of the received fund, thus additional project and audit report shall not be issued.
  • not make any contact with the donors for those cash grants because they are just deposits.
  • not allow you to use the JRCS logo for those cash grants because of the same reason above.

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