Safety Services

First-Aid courses

As a means to concretely implement the mission of the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS), "Protecting human life, health, and dignity," the JRCS disseminates the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and treat accidents and illness to the citizens. Depending on the diverse needs of the society and the life-stage of the participants, we have provided the following five types of courses.

The contents of each course are as below.

  • First Aid: Knowledge about the prevention of accidents in everyday life, and providing first aid (including CPR and AED) to the sick and those who are wounded in accidents or disasters until they can receive attention from doctors or paramedics.

First Aid

  • Water Safety: Basics of swimming and self-protection as well as knowledge and skills in first aid in order to prevent the loss of human life in water accidents.

Water Safety

  • Snow Safety: Prevention of accidents in places such as ski grounds, rescue of the wounded, and knowledge and skills in first aid.

Snow Safety

  • Healthy Life Course: Useful knowledge about how to live a healthy life, and how to provide supportive care to the elderly in need at home and within the community.

Healthy Life Course

  • Child Safety: Prevention of accidents particular to infancy and their treatment, and knowledge and skills in responding to diseases that occur frequently in children.

Child Safety

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Also, the JRCS organizes short courses which can be arranged the contents of the courses and so on based on the consumer's needs.Each five courses are organized by our chapters in each prefecture.Each chapter decides the schedules and accepts applications for courses.You can apply to courses through website of each chapter.For further details, please contact your nearest chapter.

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※As the most of the JRCS chapters conduct our courses only in Japanese, therefore it is required to Japanese language skills. Or you would be required to hire interpreter yourself.

※Our courses are being organized based on the JRC Guidelines published by the Japan Resuscitation Council.

We will continuously provide our courses to the society with such as companies, schools, communities, volunteers and so on.