From Tokushima! Looking back at the ‘heart of humanity and philanthropy’ through art
140th Anniversary Japanese Red Cross Society
Red Cross Membership Drive Month May 2017
Reconstruction efforts begin Birthplace of Japanese Red Cross Society, “Janes’ Residence”
One year since the Kumamoto earthquake Voices from the affected area
“Wish I Could Take Real Smile Photos”
Junior Red Cross Club at Asuwa High School Prepared Braille Maps for Fukui Station Area
Multi-cultural symbiotic project of the Japanese Red Cross Aichi Chapter
Midwinter Disaster Drill in Hokkaido
Thanks to your great support, this year will mark the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Japanese Red Cross Society
First aid experience center for foreign residents
Disaster Prevention Project in Vietnam ~Disaster prevention through mangrove afforestation Contributing to protection of the Earth’s environment
180 People Attended Final Performance of Saitama Red Cross Magic Volunteer Crops
University Students Appeal for Blood Donations through Powerful Calligraphy Performance
Reconstruction aid project for Central Philippines after Typhoon
October, ‘Foster Parents Month’ ~Symposium held at the Japanese Red Cross Akita Home for Infants~
Aiming for True Beauty ~Ms. Sari Nakazawa, Miss Universe Japan
Be aware of gap between recognition and action to improve disaster preparedness
J_p_nes Red Cr_ss S_ciety Blood Donation Campaign Launched in 21 Countries
Kumamoto Earthquake – Health Support Activities for the Elderly, Mothers and Children (Infants), and Others ~ Expanding Support to Maintain the Healthy Mind and Body