From Tokushima! Looking back at the ‘heart of humanity and philanthropy’ through art

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Many precious works were exhibited in the hall

Over 40 masterpieces, including those of prominent artistes; Pablo Picasso, Tsuguharu Fujita, Seiji Togo, Kaii Higashiyama, and others, and 70 works of paintings and documents about Red Cross activities have been collected.

An exhibition of “Living in the Now: ‘The heart of humanity and philanthropy’. The path of the Japanese Red Cross Society as seen in Art” was held at the Tokushima. Modern Art Museum from 22 April to 11 June.

The exhibition was composed of 2 chapters: the first, ‘the wish of the people to theJRCS’ and the second, ‘the path of JRCS as seen through art.’ 40 fabulous works, including the famous ‘Nurse’ painted by Seiji Togo, and other famous paintings donated by artists who are representatives of the Japanese art world, and paintings by those who wish to convey their desire for the continuation of humanitarian activities were exhibited.

In addition, the paintings about JRCS activities which are owned by museums all over Japan were introduced with historical materials such as documents and photos which explain their historical background.

The JRCS Tokushima Chapter is one of the 6 chapters established in Japan in 1887. The exhibition is an invaluable one because we can look back and see in the history of Tokushima the activities carried out with ‘humanity’ and ‘philanthropy’ which are the key ideal of the Red Cross Foundation.

Newsletter, June 2017 by JRCS