Multi-cultural symbiotic project of the Japanese Red Cross Aichi Chapter

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3 new first aid foreign personnel
A training session of the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Personnel, targeting foreign residents, was held for the first time at the Aichi chapter last autumn and 3 people passed the exam. The ceremony awarding the certificates to the First Aid Personnel was held on December 17th.
The ratio of foreign residents in Aichi is the second highest in Japan. Many foreign residents face difficulties when disaster strikes because of language differences. The chapter has undertaken the multi-cultural symbiotic project which plans to train foreign volunteers as community helpers for the fiscal year of 2015. A training session of the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Personnel for foreign people was also planned as a part of this project.
The chapter is developing various efforts toward the realization of a multi-cultural symbolic society; they offer opportunities for foreign instructors by further strengthening collaboration with local government and the prefecture’s international associations, and foreign residents become Red Cross volunteers as a provider of local social activities.

Nia OGAWA, who came from Indonesia, accepted the certificate and expressed her wishes, ‘I worked hard overcoming the linguistic barrier. I may make mistakes, but I want to deliver, to many people, the message of the importance of protecting lives.’

Newsletter, February 2017 by JRCS