Junior Red Cross Club at Asuwa High School Prepared Braille Maps for Fukui Station Area

2 福井.png (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

The Junior Red Cross (JRC) Club at Asuwa Prefectural High School in Fukui prepared a Braille map of the west square area of Fukui Station. They presented 25 sets of the map to the tourist promotion office in Fukui city on February 1st. The maps will be kept in the tourist information office at the west exit of the station and be distributed to visually impaired visitors.
The maps were prepared by four members of the JRC Club. The locations of buildings such as the station are represented using Braille blocks, and the captions are written in Braille. The club captain, Miss Sachie Nagata (3rd grade at high school), said, “I would like the visually impaired to make good use of this map for walking around town and for the map to trigger the feeling in other people of aiding the visually impaired.” The first time the club members experienced visually impaired visitors around the station in last June was when they started making the Braille map.

Newsletter, March 2017 by JRCS