Red Cross Membership Drive Month May 2017


What are you doing with your hands? May is 'Red Cross Membership Drive Month,'

and each of us certainly has something to offer those who face severe circumstances. Under the thought, we will make a call.

The theme this year is 'Man is now tried.' The message used to symbolize the principles and activities of the Red Cross at the 2005 World Exposition was 'AI chikyu-haku,' or 'love the earth.' Thought involved with the word is connected to this year's theme.

Maybe some of you saw a poster with the following message.
Under the same sky,
Some people are suffering severe circumstances.
To recover missing daily life,
Some people are struggling
To call imagination into work.
Not to forget forever.
To continue extending your hands,
As long as there are people in need,
As long as the future is unpredictable,
There must be something we can.
This country and we ourselves as well
Humans are now tried.

We who live daily lives must do everything we can do for those who struggle with difficulties under the same sky.'We should consider those who are face difficulties not as others but as us.''And we should take concrete action, doing what we can do.'The JRCS continues to promote this message through TV commercials, posters, and Web sites as part of the Red Cross Membership Drive Month.

Call for understanding of Red Cross activities
The activities of the JRCS are supported by many people; however, even many of the people who make donations after a disaster strikes do not know that most of the funds for JRCS humanitarian activities come from donations. The JRCS is working to deepen understanding of its purpose and activities and to promote more participation in upcoming JRCS activities.

Message from World 'Sky' and JRCS
The JRCS has two versions of its poster that convey its thoughts throughout the year. The 'Sky version features a blue sky that is limitless, helping viewers to imagine various circumstances 'under the same sky.' The 'Message version' is designed to help viewers act and support their own way. The two versions are a pair that convey thought to everyone.

Newsletter, May 2017 by JRCS

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