First aid experience center for foreign residents

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Japanese Red Cross Aichi Chapter ran a booth at the 'International Festival 2016', which was held at the Kodomo Miraikan Hall in Toyoha-shi, Aichi on October 20 and provided first aid training exercise for foreign residents.

The festival, which provides the enjoyment of international exchange, worked with the theme of 'The town of Peace, Exchange, Coexistence.' Overseas residents living in the city, e.g. Brazilians, Indonesians, participated in the event. Nia Ogawa, who comes from Indonesia and is a qualified first-aider of the Red Cross cooperated as an interpreter. Some participants said, "I never knew the Japanese Red Cross did such work for foreign residents. I would like to take part in classes if they are held."

The host of the event said, 'Through Red Cross classes we would like foreign residents to gain knowledge and techniques for accident prevention and to help decrease the effects of natural disasters."

Newsletter, January 2017 by JRCS

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