The Japanese Red Cross Society’s Response to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster

The response of the Japanese Red Cross Society to the earthquake disaster in the Kumamoto Prefecture on April 14 to date is as follows:

  1. Japanese Red Cross Society’s Response to the Disaster

(1) Medical Emergency Team Operation

as of 9:00 AM April 17

Status The number of the medical emergency team

On-going Operation 17

(2) Distribution of the Relief Supplies to the Kumamoto Prefecture

12,900 blankets, 504 family emergency kits, 2,051 sleeping mats with pillows, and 2,700 tarpaulins (waterproof plastic sheets) have been distributed to the affected people in the evacuation centers, etc.


Family emergency kits


Sleeping mats with pillows

2.Outline of the Disaster (by the Japan Meteorological Agency)

Location: Kumamoto prefecture, Japan

(1) Magnitude of earthquake: 6.5 (estimated)

Time of earthquake: 9:26 PM, 14 April, 2016

Epicenter: Kumamoto area of Kumamoto Prefecture (32.7°N, 130.8°E)

Depth of hypocenter: 11km (tentative)

(2) Magnitude of earthquake: 7.3 (estimated)

Time of earthquake: 1:25 AM, 16 April, 2016

Epicenter: Kumamoto area of Kumamoto Prefecture (32.5°N, 130.1°E)

Depth of hypocenter: 12km (tentative)


(as of 6:45 AM April 17 by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency: FDMA)

Human Casualties

Kumamoto Prefecture: 32 deaths, 6 missing, 184 serious injuries

Oita Prefecture: 1 serious injuries

Fukuoka Prefecture: 1 serious injuries

Miyazaki Prefecture: 2 serious injuries

4.The Situation of the Evacuation Center

(as of 7:00AM April 17 by the FDMA)

Kumamoto Prefecture: 686 centers (91,763 people)

Oita Prefecture: 181 centers (10,070 people)

Fukuoka Prefecture: 249 centers (1,567 people)

Miyazaki Prefecture: 29 centers (531 people)