Media Advisory
Red Cross Smile Park opens again in Fukushima Prefecture


Although more than two years have passed since the triple disaster hit Japan’s Tohoku region, health professionals say the impact on children’s physical and emotional state is continuing to be felt.
In Fukushima, many families are still reluctant to let children play outdoors because they are worried about radiation. Fumiyo Kawagoe, mother of a four-year-old boy, Rihito, who came to play at the Red Cross Smile Park, said: “Even if they said they had washed out the radiation, it still concerns me so I don’t let him play in the park.”
In order to help children’s recovery, the Japanese Red Cross (JRC) continues to focus on their needs, with projects like the Smile Park indoor playground in Fukushima.

It will be set up in 6 locations throughout the year for small children who have been unable to play outside. At the first location, in Fukushima South Gymnasium, which opened in 2 July to 12 July, a total of 7,508 children and parents had visited. Japanese Red Cross Society welcomes media to visit Smile Park.

Red Cross Smile Park offers the following activities;
- Slides, trampoline, jungle gym, ”ball pool”
- Kids’ exercise with instructor
- Stage show by popular entertainer for kids

6 Locations:

First Place: Fukushima South Gymnasium
Address: 11-2 Kasamatsu, Asakawa-Aza, Matsukawa ,Town Fukushima City
Dates: 2 July – 12 July

Second Place:Iwase Chiki Training Center
Address:27 Araujegami, Hatada,Sukagawa City
Date: 2 Septemnber – 11 September

Third Place: Kokutai Kinen Gymnasium
Address: 30 Kita Nakagawa Hara, Shirakawa City
Date: 16 October – 24 October

Fourth Place:Sports Arena Souma
Address: 55-1, Zikita machi,Nakamura,Souma City
Date: 6 November – 12 November

Fifth Place:Koriyama City Sougou Gymnasium
Address: 3-10, Tomita machi,Koriyama City
Date: 21 November – 2 December

Sixth Place : Sekihune Gymnasium
Address: 3, Sakuta,Jobansekifunemachi,Iwaki City
Date: 8 December – 18 December

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