Media Advisory and Photo Opportunities


Japanese Red Cross would like to update you on several activites/events which might be of interest to you as you plan your coverage of the 18-month milestone of the Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and nuclear accident.

1. Summer Camp for Disaster Zone Kids
Japanese Red Cross will invite 3,615 children between the ages of 10-15 from the 3 worst-affected prefectures, to the 4 day camp in the northern island of Hokkaido. This camp aims to release the stress of children who are facing an uncomfortable situation both at home and school due to the loss of property or change of environment following the tsunami. Especially affected are the children in Fukushima, who are restricted from playing outside.
The children will have the chance to play outside in the beautiful natural surroundings, also will learn some skills such as first aid, team building and leadership.

Place: Rusutsu Resort in Hokkaido
Address: 13, Aza Izumigawa, Rusutsu Village, Abuta Gun,
Dates: 21 July – 23 August
(3 nights 4 days trip / 1 term. 11 terms in total)

- First aid training, learning about Red Cross activities.
- Cooking, Crafts, Horseback riding, Fishing etc.
- Writting a letter to your self in 10 years in the future.

2. First Permanent Homes Completed in Fukushima
Japanese Red Cross supported the construction of permanent housing in Soma City in Fukushima. The completed facility called “Idobata Nagaya“ has 12 private rooms with own kitchen and bathroom, and common areas such as dining room and washing room. Those who have disability or single elderly person have priority for places, and residents can help each other with everyday challenges. Completion Ceremony will be held on August 8th in the presence of Soma City Mayor, representatives of the donor, and Vice President of the Japanese Red Cross.

Place: 61-6 Yamada, Babano Aza, Soma City, Fukushima.
Date: 8 August, from 11:30 – 13:15
※Media Bus will be available from / back to Fukushima Station (leaving 9:45).

3. Art and Crafts Class in Iwate
Japanese Red Cross Chiba Chapter will send a staff member,volunteers and art instructor for small children to enjoy paitings and crafts works. Approximatery 170 children who are in now school summer holidays will create own badges or small toys.

Place: Kamaishi City, Iwate Dates: 7 – 8 August

4. Junior High School Students from Mie prefecture visit Ishinomaki
Some 31 junior high school students from Tsu City in Mie prefecture will meet young people of the the same age group in Ishinomaki City to learn about their experience throughout the tragic disaster, and work as volunteers, helping prefabricated home residents to clean up the area. This aims to build a friendship among students both from within and outside the affected areas, and also learn about the importance of preparedness for natural disasters.

Place: Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Dates:8 – 9 August

5. Psychosocial Support Programme (PSP) for the residents in temporary homes
Japanese Red Cross is running psychosocial support activities such as tea parties, relaxation activities (massage and stretching) and so on. This activity aims to help particularly elderly residents get out of their homes, and build stronger community ties in order to combat loneliness and physical inactivity, which doctors warn “disuse syndrome“.

Place: Tagajyo City, Miyagi
Dates: 11, 25th August

6. Nordic style Walking in Iwate
Japanese Red Cross Iwate Chapter is organizing a group exercise activity every month, in which residents of temporary shelters walk along with 2 poles, in an activity based on cross-country skiing. Living in the prefabricated temporary homes, elderly people are deprived of opportunities for such activities as gardening and find it more difficult to exercise and socialise, so this kind of activity can help them to guard against depression. Red Cross trainers and volunteers encourage them to come out of their houses and enjoy the excercise together.

Place: Yamada Town, and Otsuchi Town Iwate Dates: 21 – 24 August

- Please be advised that you need to organize your own interpreter if needed and transport.
- We are happy for media to film/interview Red Cross staff/volunteers, but if you want to interview survivors, you need to ask for the individuals‘ permission.
- It would be helpful if you could give us the following information at least one week in advance, if you are interested in filming our activities:
(1) Number of people and contact person/number
(2) Name of the show or programme on which our activites are to be showed and time to be aired.

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