JRCS nurses continuing to support the medical check-ups


Picture: Outreach activities

By Francis Markus and Midori Tasaka

Ms.Kaoru Wakabayashi, a nurse from Oita Red Cross Hospital and Ms.Mizumi Matumoto, a nurse from Kumamoto Red Cross Hospital had visited Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture for medical check-up for people who are evacuating from Namie town due to nuclear plant accident during the Japan Great East Earthquake and Tsunami.
This medical check-up is conducted to support citizen who had to evacuate from their hometown and operated since October 2012. Ms.Wakabayasi and Ms.Matumoto’s team has been the 10th team to support Red Cross Hospitals in area.
It has been two year since the Japan Great East Earthquake and Tsunami but both of the nurses states that “It seems like their life is getting back to normal but there are people still suffering from thoughts of when they will be able to go back to their home town and what will happen to their future. On top of worring about their health and daily life, some are struggling from isolation. People have different background and for some, they have very complicated one, but I felt the needs to continue this activities and support them in long run.”
The medical check-up will continue and not only to support their health but also to elevate their stress and suffering, Red Cross is operating health and psychological care salon.

Far Left: Ms. Wakabayashi
Far Right:Ms.Matumoto