Photo Gallery: Japan Floods and Landslides 2018 (part 2)

Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) is continuously sending Medical Relief Teams to the most affected areas of Okayama prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture. These teams continue to provide medical care in the evacuation centres and mobile clinic activities. Furthermore, Red Cross volunteer groups, with people who are willing to carry out humanitarian activities and sharing their skills, are forming essential activities to support the people in the affected communities.

The latest operational update could be found from here:

Daily operational meeting held at the JRCS Hiroshima Chapter.

The Mobile Clinic Team, consisted of Doctors and nurses provide medical care. (Okayama Prefecture, Okada Elementary school used as an evacuation centre)

The medical staff put emphasis not only on the treating itself, but also to the daily conversation with the evacuees to alleviate their emotional suffering, (Okayama prefecture, Sono elementary school evacuation centre)

The JRCS Sleeping kits and Emergency kits (including Mobile radio, electric torch, toothbrush, towel, wet tissue, work gloves, ointment, bandage, etc) were provided. (JRCS Hiroshima Chapter)

The JRCS team members try to disseminate health messages. (Okayama prefecture, Okada elementary school used as an evacuation centre)

A patient was also brought in to the JRCS clinic from heatstroke. It is summer in Japan, and people are suffering from the heat and run the risk of heatstroke. (Okayama prefecture, Okada elementary school)

The volunteers assist to remove the dirt from peoples’ shoes. This helps to prevent infectious diseases in the shelter. (Okayama prefecture)

RC Volunteers, knowing the road condition and the local context better than anybody else, are valuable team members to form operational plans together with the JRCS staff members. (JRCS Hiroshima Chapter)