The Japanese Red Cross Society’s Response to Japan Floods and Landslides 2018 (as of 23rd July 2018)

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Listening to the voices of the people

Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) is continuously sending Medical Relief Teams (called “Disaster Medical Assistance Team”) to the most affected areas of Okayama prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture. These teams continue to listen to the voices of the people and are adjusting the services and assistance based on the needs.

In Saka-town and Kure-city in Hiroshima Prefecture, as well as Kurashiki-city in Okayama prefecture, the JRCS teams are continuously setting clinics in the evacuation centers and conducing mobile clinics along with careful assessment. Future activities shall be adjusted based on the changing needs. Furthermore, in Kure-city in Hiroshima, Psychosocial Support activities are taking place to support the psychological aspect of the affected people. Assessment are also conducted in Okayama prefectures to evaluate the needs of such Psychosocial support.

JRCS shall continuously focus to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Asking the health condition of the people

Details of the Response of the Japanese Red Cross Society

1. Medical Emergency Team Operation

 Total: 53 teams deployed to the sites

 Continuously 7 teams are working in Okayama prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture.

JRCS team providing medical treatment to the wounded

2. Medical Coordination Team Operation

 Total: 14 teams

 Continuously 5 teams are working in Okayama prefecture and Hiroshima prefecture.

3. Disaster Medical Assistance Team Operation

 Total: 23 teams

Volunteers preparing the emergency relief items

4. Psychosocial Support

 Total: 7 teams

 Currently 3 teams are working in Hiroshima prefecture and a coordinator is conducting needs assessment in Okayama prefecture.

5. Volunteer activities

 -Providing ice bags and conducting educational activities to raise awareness for heatstroke

JRCS staff members organizing the pre-stocked relief items.

 -Supporting to deliver aid materials

 -Coordinating volunteers

 -Trained volunteers who can fly planes have airlifted water and food to some areas which had been cut off due to landslides.

6. Distribution of the Number of the Relief Supplies to the Affected People in the Evacuation Centres, etc.

 -Blankets 8,600

 -Sleeping mats with pillows 1,397 set

 -Emergency kits* 2,528 set

 -Towels 275

* Mobile radio, electric torch, toothbrush, towel, wet tissue, work gloves, ointment, bandage, etc.

Additionally donations from partner companies, such as latrines, Drinking water (Oral rehydration solution) and Elastic stockings have been distributed to the affected people based on needs.

7. International Donation

 The Japanese Red Cross Society accepts international donation, which shall be distributed as a cash grant for the people affected due to this disaster. International donation is open till Monday 31st December 2018. Please see the following link for further details:

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