Responding to Typhoon Haiyan: JRCS opened a clinic in Maya village

On 22 November, 2013, Basic Health Care Emergency Response Unit (ERU), sent by the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS), opened a clinic in Maya village, Daanbantayan, Cebu Province.

The ERU has been offering a mobile clinic service since 20 November in villages of Dannbantayan where 95% of houses were affected by the typhoon “Haiyan.” Although numerous international societies conduct activities responding to this disaster, little assistance was reached in northern Cebu. Therefore, JRCS discussed with local community and decided to set up the clinic in Maya.

On the opening day, 25 local people came to see the JRCS medical staff in the clinic. According to Dr. Otsu, the team leader, cold, headache and asomnia are reported as major complaints since most of them are forced to stay at the damaged houses. The JRCS offers not only the temporary clinic and mobile clinic services, but also plan to implement community based health and psychosocial support programmes in the area.

JRCS is enhancing cooperation with local people and try to include them as staff members of the clinic. It is expected that trained local people will take over the JRCS relief efforts to support own communities.

JRCS continues to support the people in the affected areas and respond to the emergency and humanitarian needs.