Japan / Earthquake and tsunami-5

“Anyone catch a cold? How are you doing everyone?”

A doctor from Kobe branch of Japanese Red Cross rushed into the evacuation centre in Ootuki town by coastline in Iwate prefecture, completely devastated by the Tsunami, the doctor is speaking to the children with smile. All the children turned around looking up him with surprise, “First time to hear Kansai ben (accent from western Japan)”. “Where are you coming from?” Excited children surrounded him, his voice suddenly lightened up the atmosphere.

“At the time of Hanshin Awaji earthquake, everyone supported and encouraged us strongly. This is our turn to repay your kindness. We are all embracing such feeling.” said a doctor, Murakami Noriko, from Kobe branch of Japanese Red Cross, in charge of psychological care of the affected population.

One week after at the evacuation centre since the earthquake. For the moment, everyone is helping each other, cleaning and distributing the relief items. Many of them try to remain calm. However, it is important to pay attention and try to listen to their voices for those who start separating from others and staying alone, or repeating to say the same things.

By speaking to the others, the conditions can be ameliorated. We should however never try to extract the stories, but to wait till they open up their mind to speak out by themselves. When the person minds others eyes, we try to secure a place for only two of us so that we can feel comfortable.