Japan / Earthquake and tsunami

An earthquake hit Japan at 14:46 11 Mar 2011(local time) , epicenter has latitude 38.0N and Longitude 142.9E (373km NE of Tokyo, about 130 km off the eastern coast of Japan) with 13.5 km Depth and 8.8 Magnitude with several aftershocks with over 6.4 Magnitude following.

Moreover, 6.6M earthquakes have been repeated every 30-60 mins. at inland of Honsyu Isle, however the damage reported is relatively small.

More than 413 confirmed dead, 784 missing and 1128 injured. Figures are predicted to be increased.

Many people in the affected area have evacuated to safer public facilities, where local government s distribute blankets, while many others spent the night on the flat roof of high buildings.

Tsunami alert is still active, preventing the recovery of several hundred bodies on the shore, however in many areas the estimated scale of tsunami has decreased.

Landslides reported in 37 areas. More than 2,500 houses are totally collapsed and other 2,500 houses damaged as a result of EQ and tsunami, and 10 villages in Iwate prefecture and 1800 household in Fukushima prefecture have been devastated by the tsunami. 157 fire cases reported. Damage of roads, bridges, railroads, dikes is reported in 460 places. Power cut remain in 5 million households, water supply cut in 1 million as well in the most affected area. There is a nuclear alert in 2 power stations, and more than 40,000 residents has evacuated to a distant public facilities, guided by local government.

In the most affected Northern Japan, main highways remain closed, strictly available for emergency aid vehicles. Several air ports have reopened but 2 air ports remain closed.

(Information as of 11:00 12 MAR local time)

Japanese RC is assessing the situation in both from NHQs and Branch level.

62 NDRTs (National Disaster Response Teams) with more than 400 staffs including Doctors, Nurses, Admins sent to the affected areas for Assessment, First Aid, Health, possible PSP (Psychological Support Programme) etc., some have reached and is conducting assessment, while more are on standby.

700 blankets have been distributed and some 30,560 more sent to the affected area for further distribution.

Family link web site has been opened in cooperation with ICRC: