Mid Java Earthquake Distribution of School Necessities for Affected Pupils

Eight months have passed since the earthquake in mid Java island on March 27, 2007. Since then, the Japanese Red Cross Society has been conducting various relief operations for the affected areas. As part of the efforts, the JRCS distributes school kits for pupils, providing pencils, erasers, uniforms, bags and rain-coats, to allow them to resume their school activities.

Prior to the JRCS' operation, UNICEF, the Netherlands Red Cross and other aid organizations did the school kit distribution for 276 schools. Since there are as many as 3023 schools in the affected areas of the Yogyakarta Province and Klaten District in the mid Java Province, the JRCS started the distribution for the remaining schools on January 22.

On January 26, a distribution ceremony took place at Hargomulyo II Elementary School in Gunung Kidul District, with the attendance of the mayors of Badingah City and Gunung Kidul City, the head of the Indonesian Red Cross Gunung Kidul Chapter and others. Following the ceremony, the school kits were delivered to 163 affected students in the school by Ms. Mihoko Goto, JRCS Representative of the Yogyakarta Operations, and volunteers from the Indonesian Red Cross. Two local newspaper agencies, Bernas Jogja and Kedaulatan Rakyat, reported the event on that day, appreciating the operation in this area by saying "The JRCS precicely understood our difficulties in finding school items including writing tools and uniforms, and their relief operations are really helpful." "We are very thankful for the distribution by the JRCS. It greatly encouraged the pupils to get back to their school study." said the Mayor at the ceremony.

The first round of this program finished at the end of February, giving support for about 30,000 victimized students in 273 schools. The second round is scheduled to begin in mid March.

After completing these activities, the JRCS will commence the reconstruction of the local health centers and the hygiene facilities of special schools for the disabled children, and continue its effort toward the rebuilding of the areas hit by the earthquake.