The Helping Hand Campaign
The beginning of Japan-Turkey friendship and goodwill:Sinking of the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul
A Former Red Cross Relief Nurse Shares Her Experiences of the Devastation of War
The 25th United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues
Summer Camp for Disaster Prevention in Akita Prefecture
Heartora Debuts on Confectionary Packages with the Support Mark of Japanese Red Cross Society
Wartime Nurse Photo Exhibition at Japanese Red Cross Society
Red Cross Red Crescent at UN Disarmament Conference: elimination of nuclear weapons cannot wait any longer
Dengue fever - Common initial symptoms are high fever and headaches
Challenge! Learning through First Aid Experiences aboard a Former Antarctic Research Vessel
Memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki urge us to eliminate nuclear weapons
Live event calling for blood donations was held prior to World Blood Donor Day
Big Happy Smile Again on the 60th Anniversary ‘Lilies of the Valley, Flower of Happiness’ Presented by All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Japanese Red Cross Society Convention in 2015
Two Japanese Women awarded the 45th Florence Nightingale Medal
Empress Shoken Fund Supports Eight National Societies
A new after-school club for the children in Yamada
”On the abolition of nuclear weapons” Approaches to the elimination of inhumanity at “Red Cross seminar” in Yokohama
Service Cooperation Agreement between JCG and JRCS
To celebrate the 125th and the 50th anniversary~Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Chapter and Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto blood center held a variety of events