180 People Attended Final Performance of Saitama Red Cross Magic Volunteer Crops

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Saitama Prefecture
The final performance of the Saitama Red Cross Magic Volunteer Crops was held on October 29 in Saitama City. This group has brought laughter to people in the Saitama area through magic tricks for more than 40 years. Twelve members entertained the audience with their skilled tricks, and the180 people in the audience applauded and cheered enthusiastically.

The group started performing in 1975. In addition to performing magic tricks in visits to children’s groups and senior’s institutions, they have been holding an annual culminating performance since 2007. However, due to a decrease in membership and the aging of the members, this was their final performance.

President, Shigeo Tanaka said, “It’s amazing that we could carry on for so long. I’m relieved to have been able to bring our performance to an end in the 10th year.”

Notwithstanding, they will continue doing volunteer work on their own.

Newsletter, December 2016 by JRCS