University Students Appeal for Blood Donations through Powerful Calligraphy Performance

②H28.09.24 徳島センター 書道パフォーマンス3.JPG (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

On September 24th a calligraphy performance was held in front of Tokushima Station for the purpose of encouraging blood donations. Three university students wearing hakama, who were members of a volunteer group organized by university students in Tokushima Prefecture, wrote a message with huge brushes on a large banner three meters long and four meters wide: ‘Donate blood this summer! It will surely save someone’s life.’ They gave the performance in time to music. They also appealed to the people who gathered to see the performance saying, “In order to save a lot of lives, it is necessary for many people to cooperate by donating blood.” Some high school students who watched the performance said they were surprised at the powerfulness of the performance and that they would like to donate their blood next time a donation bus came to their school.

A round of applause arose from the audience who watched the impressive performance using huge brushes.
On this day as many as 65 people, which was more than usual, came to the blood donation room to cooperate because of the campaign. The number of donators in their twenties, especially, was remarkably large.

Newsletter, November 2016 by JRCS