Continuation of supportive activities thanks to the donations from overseas —domestic donations sent to affected prefectures

6月号 救援金.JPG (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

The Japanese Red Cross Society has expanded its health support activities for victims forced to live in the evacuation centers in Nishihara Village in Kumamoto Prefecture. The financial resources of the activities come from donations made by people overseas through the National RC/RC Societies.
These activities include surveying the health conditions of those who need care, for example, aged people and mothers, providing psychosocial care through attentive listening, giving advice on ways to prevent disuse syndrome and heatstroke, and supporting hygiene management in cooperation with local public health nurses. The Japanese Red Cross Society is going to deliver such supplies as items to help prevent disuse syndrome, cooling sheets, insect repellent, and king-size air blowers with a mist function.

Newsletter, June 2016 by JRCS