Helping Hand Campaign: Making Handmade Wreaths with Love ~bringing smiles to faces of children around the world

リース作りの写真おとなのみ.JPG (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

The fir-tree wreaths were made with love.

Events were held at the headquarters of the Japanese Red Cross Society (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and elsewhere on December 12 and 15, at which participants had an opportunity to think about the humanitarian issues that are happening across the world through the experience of making wreaths. They also presented the completed wreaths as Christmas gifts to bring smiles to the faces of children around the world.

Named For Future Friends, the events formed part of the Helping Hand Campaign and were jointly hosted by the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) and the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC). Including university students and working adults, a total of 31 participants tried making wreaths after having learned about the humanitarian problems caused by natural disasters and conflicts and the situations in which children in Japan are currently being placed, such as subjected to child abuse.

Sharing happiness, participants made comments such as “It’s good to be able to make a social contribution through the making of wreaths. I hope that children feel the warmth of a handmade wreath” and “It’s an unusual experience to make wreaths with someone I have met for the first time and to deliver them to the children. This experience made me happy.”

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Santa Claus and children decorated with wreaths.

The JRCS delivered the completed wreaths to the children’s nursing home the Society operates in Musashino City, Tokyo. The wreaths were presented by a JRCS staff member dressed up as Santa Claus. A great cheer of welcome went up from the children when wreath-laden Santa Claus appeared. The barrage of questions fired at him from the children included “Where did you come from?,” “Why do you have beard?” and “Can you speak English?,” which brought smiles to the faces of everyone at the children’s home.