Heartora Debuts on Confectionary Packages with the Support Mark of Japanese Red Cross Society

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All 12 items will be sold in stores by autumn.

This month the Red Cross official mascot character ‘Heartora’ debuted on the packages of the ‘small kindness’ series of sweets of nationwide distribution confectionary wholesale cooperatives.

The mark which indicates support of Japanese Red Cross Society is shown in advertisements and packaging of the products of companies and organizations which approve of and provide financial assistance for activities of Japanese Red Cross Siciety. This mark has been used on beverage vending machines and uniforms of professional futsal teams.

Heartora’s illustration has been printed on the front package of the 'small kindness' series of cooperating organizations who have annually donated a portion of their revenues to Japanese Red Cross activities since 2010.

Mr. Egami who works for the co-op says, ‘Heartora is a very cute character. Most of the Co-op members wanted to adopt it in the packaging. We want Heartora’s illustration to become the trigger which will encourage a wide generation of customers to pick up these products, and we expect support for Japanese Red Cross Society to spread through product advertisement with the media exposure of Heartora.’