Live event calling for blood donations was held prior to World Blood Donor Day

The project ‘LOVE in Action’ aims to inform the younger generation of the importance of donating blood.

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Blood donation recipient Mai Mineyama says, ‘I want to be pharmacist.’

The Japanese Red Cross Society, (JRCS), held a live event, ‘LOVE in Action Meeting (LIVE),’ at which popular artists spoke directly to young people about the importance of donating blood. It was held at the Nippon Budokan on 11 and 12 June, just prior to the World Blood Donor Day on 14 June. About 16,000 people attended the event over the two days. Nine popular artists participated and gave performances that excited the attendees. Each artist passionately called on the attendees to donate blood, saying things like, ‘We can feel like we are helping others by donating blood,’ and ‘Donating blood is a wonderful thing to do because it can help someone else to have a better life and to keep smiling.’ The JRCS spoke about its earthquake relief efforts in Nepal and about the role of student blood donation promotion volunteers. Tomoka Kumagae and Mai Mineyama, who had their lives saved by blood donations and who have appeared on chat shows, talked about the importance of helping to save someone’s life. This ‘blood donation is action for love’ project started in 2009, and this live event has been held six times. DJ Shu Yamamoto, who served as a project leader, told the attendees, ‘We don’t need to do all that we know. Let’s do what we can do now!’ as the first step for blood donation. Some attendees said, ‘I’ll donate blood now that I’ve heard the messages of the artists and the blood donation recipients.’ The event had changed their mind.