Big Happy Smile Again on the 60th Anniversary ‘Lilies of the Valley, Flower of Happiness’ Presented by All Nippon Airways (ANA)

2面スズラン客室乗務員と患者さん.JPG (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

Flight attendants visited a facility in their home prefecture and handed the presents to the inpatients

Lilies of the valley and bookmarks with a design of the flower on each were presented by ANA to 47 Red Cross facilities in Japan on 3 June. Flight attendants from ANA group companies visited the facilities and handed them to the inpatients, saying, “In the language of flowers, “lily of the valley” means happiness. We hope you get well soon.” The sweet smell of the flowers and the smiles of the inpatients spread over each of the patient rooms. ANA’s support of this project began in 1956, when the company presented a bouquet of lilies of the valley to Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamatsu, who visited the Red Cross hospital that year as the Honorary Vice President of the Japanese Red Cross Society. To highlight the 60th anniversary of this project, potted lilies of the valley, cut lilies, and 20,000 bookmarks featuring the image of a lily of the valley designed by ANA staff members were distributed. Osamu Shinobe, president of ANA, and 2015 Miss Japan Grand Prix winner, Chisato Haga (a staff member of an ANA group company), attended the presentation ceremony held at the Omori Red Cross Hospital (Ota Ward, Tokyo). Yoshiharu Otsuka, vice president of the Japanese Red Cross Society, received the list of presents from President Shinobe and expressed his appreciation, saying, “It is the 60th anniversary of the event this year, and the event has become a special feature of this season for the Red Cross. Every year, both Red Cross staff members and inpatients look forward to ANA’s flight attendants visiting the hospitals.” Miss Japan and four flight attendants handed the bookmarks to a representative of the inpatients at the presentation ceremony and also visited the patient ward. The inpatients who received a gift expressed their pleasure. One of the inpatients delightedly said, “I’ll be leaving here tomorrow, and this will make a nice souvenir.” Some inpatients said, “It smells very sweet.” Others said, “I’m very glad to receive it. Thank you very much.”