Two Japanese Women awarded the 45th Florence Nightingale Medal

Two Japanese nurses, who are renowned for their achievements in the field of public health and nursing education respectively, were awarded the Florence Nightingale medal this year. The Japanese recipients of the medal are Ms. Kayoko Souman, director of the non-profit organization “Konoyubitomare” and Ms. Ritsu Yamada, director of the medical corporation “Oufukai”. The list of recipients was announced on May 12th, birthday of Florence Nightingale by a commission comprised of the ICRC.

The Nightingale Medal is the most prestigious price of its kind, and is awarded every other year in recognition of exceptional courage and devotion to victims of armed conflict or natural disaster. It also recognizes exemplary service or a pioneering spirit in the areas of public health or nursing education. This year 36 persons from 18 countries were awarded the medal. The number of the awardee in Japan reached 107.

Kayoko Souman(63)


After completing her career at Toyama Red Cross Hospital, Kayoko Souman established the Day Care House “Konoyubitomare” community-based small and multifunctional welfare institution in 1993. This welfare institution pioneered the, so called “Toyama Model”, which later was adopted by similar institutions nation-wide.

Ritsu Yamada(89)


After working for the Nursing Section of the former Ministry of Health, Ritsu Yamada became principal of the Mitsui Memorial Hospital Nursing School in 1973. She has devoted her efforts to the integration of elderly care education and nursing education after 2004.