Empress Shoken Fund Supports Eight National Societies

ナイジェリア赤十字社のボランティアが活動する様子©IFRC.jpg (2カラム画像(枠なし):322x210px)

Nigerian Red Cross volunteers working at the site ©IFRC

Empress Shoken Fund has now announced the recipients of its 94th grant. A total of approximately 18.58 million Japanese yen were alllocated to eight National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world to support their humanitarian relief projects.

The announcement was made on 11 April, the anniversary of the Empress’s passing, by the Joint Commission, which is comprised of representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC),

The fund was established in 1912 when Empress Shoken, consort of the Japanese Emperor Meiji, donated 100,000 Japanese yen (now worth 3.5 billion yen) to the International Red Cross. Since then, 161 countries or regions have been awarded a total of almost 1.5 billion yen in support of activities such as disaster preparedness, social welfare, healthcare and sanitation.

This year, approximately 18,580,000 yen (150,100 Swiss francs) are being allocated to projects supporting victims of disasters and road accidents, as well as activities aimed at reducing poverty and violence against children.

Projects receiving grants from Empress Shoken Fund in 2015:

1. Red Cross of Cape Verde

Educational support for children from communities that were affected by volcanic eruption on the island of Fogo on 2 November, 2014 (Approx. 2,560,000 yen)

2. Nigerian Red Cross

First aid training and assistance to victims of road accident victims, (Approx. 2,150,000 yen)

3. Costa Rican Red Cross

Supporting communities to solve social issues rooted in poverty (Approx. 2,480,000 yen)

4. Suriname Red Cross

Promotion of road safety to stop the sharp increase in road accidents (Approx. 2,260,000 yen)

5. Lao Red Cross

Training volunteers in emergency medical response and first aid to save road accident victims (Approx. 1,770,000 yen)

6. Timor-Leste Red Cross Society

Construction and refurbishment of facilities for first aid training (Approx. 2,360,000 yen)

7. Red Cross Society of the Republic of Moldova

Public awareness activities to prevent violence against children (Approx. 2,670,000 yen)

8. Red Cross of Montenegro

Support to victims of disasters and accidents (Approx. 2,330,000 yen)