”On the abolition of nuclear weapons” Approaches to the elimination of inhumanity at “Red Cross seminar” in Yokohama

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Mr. Kawasaki appealed, “The issue of Nuclear weapons is not only an issue of the past, it is our working condition. I want everyone to know about it.”

A seminar on ‘The challenge of introducing International Humanitarian Law on the abolition of nuclear weapons’ was held by Japanese Red Cross Society on February 8 at the Yokohama International Forum 2015. At the Forum, Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) introduced Red Cross activities which appeal to the international audience their call for elimination of the inhumanity of nuclear weapons. NGOs dealing with this issue were invited to the panel discussion.


Akira Kawasaki, international steering member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) pointed out that the “Nuclear balance built on arms control, non-proliferation and peaceful use is collapsing. On the other hand, a new international momentum for the elimination of nuclear weapons is on the horizon”. JRCS appealed for the elimination of nuclear weapons as “The present capacity to provide humanitarian relief activity would be very inadequate in a nuclear war”. Mr. Kawasaki also presented his vision by pointing out that “it was the inhumanity of using antipersonnel mines that led to the ban on such weapons. We can abolish nuclear weapons by connecting them with inhumanity.” In his call for the elimination of nuclear weapons, he also brought attention to the fact that in a nuclear war the present capacity to provide humanitarian aid would be very inadequate.

Mayu Seto, a student of Waseda University, served as a special youth envoy of ‘Orizuru’ on board the Peace Boat on its voyage from Kure City in Hiroshima. She made a presentation of what she and her fellow passengers experienced on this voyage, which was organized as “Bomb survivor travel around the globe, a voyage of witness”. She stated in her presentation that “At first, I just wanted to support the cause, but now I think it has become a personal issue for me. From now on, I want to spread these issues and share the purpose of the bomb victims who were my fellow passenger during this voyage.”