International humanitarian risks for Ebola~First collaboration between Japanese Red Cross Society and Medicines Sans Frontier Japan

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Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) held a briefing session for Ebola as a first collaboration with Medicines Sans Frontier Japan(MSF) on the purpose of securing adequate human resources. 36 doctors and nurses from 15 JRCS hospitals participated.

Pandemic outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever has been continuing in West Africa. It is said that the first case of Ebola hemorrhagic in the world was reported in current South Sudan in June 1976. Knowing the treatment accumulated, MSF has been challenging against Ebola hemorrhagic for a long time. International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), which also received technical guidance from MSF, develops activity in West Africa.

According to a survey done by WHO in January, approximately 8,400 people have died and 21,000 people were infected by Ebola hemorrhagic fever during this pandemic outbreak. IFRC has mobilized about 6,000 of local volunteers in the out breaking countries. engaged in spreading the correct knowledge for Ebola and burial of the bodies considering the local custom. IFRC has dispatched about 200 foreign medical staffs so far.

Doctor Hiroyuki Kato, vice chairperson of MSF, who serves as an instructor in a briefing session welcomes the collaboration, saying that ‘Not for MSF, or not for JRC, but for those who are suffering for Ebola , we would like to deepen the collaboration between each other.’ Participant said, ‘I keenly realized I haven’t done what I can do because I don’t have the correct knowledge. It was a good opportunity to understand the importance of learning.’