Honorary president donated Japanese washcloths and grant

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Her Imperial Majesty, acting as Honorary President of the Japanese Red Cross, donated 600 ‘tenugui’ or Japanese washcloths with designs of paper balloons to the Japanese Red Cross on October 8th.

Imperial donations are given on October 20th of every year, in commemoration of Her Imperial Majesty’s birthday. This year, donations have been given to 7 geriatric health service facilities and elderly nursing homes.

Mariko Nakamura, a 94-year-old woman, who lives in ‘hojuen’, or an elderly nursing home, in Fukuoka Prefecture said of this gift, with gratitude and delight, “I am very grateful. Thank you so much.”

This year, when Her Imperial Majesty turned 80 years old, money was also granted to "Empress Shoken Fund". The money has been added to the fund and through each Red Cross and Red Crescent, is put to good use in its activities such as support for those who are suffering from disaster and infection, enhancement of welfare, and preventions against accidents and illnesses.