Call for young people to join JRC activities – 'Join!' campaign has started

Japanese Red Cross Society has launched the campaign 'Join! Junior Red Cross awaits your power.' Junior Red Cross held a press conference at Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University in Tokyo on August 28th with Yuki Kashiwagi, the member of AKB48 (also of NMB48) and Yuria Kizaki of AKB 48, who serve as official messengers for Junior Red Cross.

The campaign promotes various Red Cross activities with younger generation, encouraging them vigorously to join. After explaining volunteer activities for accident prevention, for hospitals and for first aid, Kashiwagi and Kizaki encourage people to volunteer.

Kashiwagi declared at the press conference that 'Anyone can join volunteer activities. I'd like more students to join, demanding to serve something.' Kisaki added, 'It is important to take the first step. Join with us.'

Minami Ueda, Sophia University representative for volunteers, made a 'Joint Declaration for Volunteer Partnership' with the Junior Red Cross this April, appealing that volunteer activities can offer a place not only to meet many people but also to grow up. For those who take this first step, a new world will open up.