Special Skill Volunteers

Social Contribution Activities Using Special Skills
Special Skill Red Cross volunteers

There are groups called Special Skill Red Cross Volunteer that engage in volunteer activities using the expertise or specialties which their members have cultivated in their jobs or hobbies. Some 37,390 volunteers in 658 groups are active in a wide range of areas; such as rescue and support volunteers in time of disasters, welfare support volunteers for those with disabilities and the elderly, child supporting volunteers for education and mentoring (as of March 31, 2013).

To share the abilities acquired through safe and healthy activities with the local community
JFE Steel Corporation Keihin Red Cross Volunteers (Kanagawa prefecture)

The JFE Steel Corporation Keihin Red Cross Volunteers’ slogan is “Let’s share our experiences in disaster-prevention and rescue activities to eliminate workplace injuries within the local community”.
This JFE Steel Corporation Keihin Red Cross Volunteer group was formed in the wake of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. They witnessed enormous damage to steel manufacturing plants in the Hanshin area, in addition to more than 6,400 people dead or missing in the disaster, and they recognized the need to forma disaster-prevention volunteer group to collaborate with the local community.
The parent organization of the volunteer group was the first aid expert committee in the company, which introduced the Red Cross First Aid to their workplace and has engaged in holding first aid staff training courses and conducting emergency drills in preparation for earthquakes and other disasters. The volunteer group was formed in 1997, as an organization to apply the knowledge and skills learnt in this committee to help the local community.
There are 71 members including first aid instructors, first aid staff and regional leaders of the disaster-prevention volunteers. They actively participate in disaster drills and first aid training programs in the local community to save lives and promote the wellbeing of people, in addition to their safety and health activities in the company.
They have also expanded their activities in the local community, to encompass such events as a first aid training program at a city festival.