Youth Red Cross

Young power creates a sensation in the volunteer world
Youth Volunteer Corps

Relay to test speed and accuracy in using triangular bandages

Young men and women aged from 18 to 30, mainly students, play active roles in the Red Cross Youth Volunteers. Some 7,000 people participate in the organizations established inside universities and colleges as well as in each prefecture. The volunteers make a strong effort to promote blood donation, disseminate first aid knowledge, support persons with disabilities, and promote child welfare. More recently, they have also been actively working on HIV/AIDS prevention and education, which is targeted at the young people of the same generation.

Students Hold Unique First-Aid Competition
Kinki University Red Cross Volunteers & Osaka Sangyo University Student Red Cross Volunteers

For the first time, the Red Cross volunteer corps in Kinki University and Osaka Sangyo University held a “Youth Volunteer Corps Red Cross First-Aid Competition” on September 28, 2013 to disseminate first aid knowledge, while at the same time having fun together. A total of 24 members in six teams competed against each other.
The competition consisted of five topics including “first aid”, “basic life support,” and quizzes. The quiz games were the most popular, providing a good balance of “learning” and “having fun.”

Tulips Picture Brightens Disaster Site
Niigata Prefectural Liaison Council of the Red Cross Youth Volunteer Corps

The “Shiogama Flower-Picture Project” cheers up people in the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami with a giant picture made up of thousands of tulips – the prefectural flower. The Niigata Prefectural Liaison Council of the Red Cross Youth Volunteer Corps participated three times in a row in this yearly project, which started two years ago.
The members gathered tulips in Niigata prefecture and worked together with citizen volunteers to put each of them into the picture. The giant art work made up of a total of 60,000 tulips was exhibited at the square in front of Hon-shiogama station. The members who participated expressed feedback such as “Cooperation with people in Shiogama has made the flower-picture impressive,” and “I was strongly impressed that we must never forget the earthquake.”