Red Cross Kids Town: First Job Experience as a Red Cross Staff Member!

“What is your name? Where does it hurt?” the children ask each other as they take turns to act the part of a Red Cross nurse.

The scene takes place at a “Red Cross Kids Town” event held on May 19th, 2013 in Akita prefecture and about 160 children participated in this event with their parents. Red Cross Kids Town gives the children a chance to try out various Red Cross “jobs,” including staff at hospitals, nursing colleges, blood donation centers and domestic disaster response teams. Real Red Cross staff from each of the specialized areas man their respective booths, teach the children how to use tools for each booth, for example, Akita Red Cross Hospital medical interns show the children how to use a stethoscope.

“Attention please, a natural disaster has occurred, so please send the emergency response unit to the disaster site,” announces a real Red Cross staff member from the Domestic Disaster Response Department to the children dressed in Red Cross uniforms. The children then turn the radio on to contact other children who are dressed as Red Cross doctors and nurses. The next moment, the children run to the designated location with medical equipment to help their friends acting as injured civilians.
At another booth for life-saving water based activities, they learn how to row a rescue boat and save lives using a rubber swimming ring. One real Red Cross staff member, Ms.Keiko Ikeda who holds a certificate in water- based safety, says: “I hope the children can enjoy learning these skills and learn how to save people.”
After the Red Cross Kids Town, one child who participated said:, “I would love to try it again” and Sora Nawano, a 4th grader, added: “Life-saving water based activities are a job that could help people. I want to be able to do that in future.”

This event was to promote understanding of Red Cross Activities among parents and children alike. “I had no idea that Red Cross has anything to do with life-saving water based activities. I got to know that Red Cross is supporting people’s lives in numerous places,” said one parent who participated in the event.