Red Cross Red Crescent Moves towards the elimination of Nuclear Weapons

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is to hold a key meeting in the atom-bombed city of Hiroshima, focusing on plans to use its leverage to push governments and civil society towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

The May 15-17 meeting will bring together representatives of 24 Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Its aim is to draft a plan of action on how the movement can best leverage its network towards the anti-nuclear weapons goal, to which it committed itself at a key meeting two years ago.

The opening session will be addressed by Kazumi Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima City and Ambassador Sergio Duarte, Former UN High Representative for Disarmament, while on the second day of the meeting, Mr. Hidehiko Yuzaki, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture will deliver a keynote speech on Hiroshima’s approach to peace. Following discussions will look at the issues from various perspectives, such as the history of nuclear weapons development, effects on human health and environment, multilateral processes governing nuclear weapons and capacities to respond to nuclear emergencies.

Given that Hiroshima is one of the only two cities, alongside Nagasaki, to suffer the effects of an atomic bomb, conference attendees will visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and receive a briefing from Mr. Kenji Shiga, the director of the museum, and a bomb-survivor before the meeting.

A Red Cross Resolution on the elimination of nuclear weapons which was adopted in the 2011 Council of Delegates, has been referred to and advocated by many governments and civil groups in fora such as an international conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear weapons, held in Oslo, Norway in March 2013.

Conference Date & Location:
May 15 -- May 17, 2013
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
(23-1 Motoujina-machi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima)
Hiroshima, 734-8543 Japan

23 Red Cross Red Crescent Societies and the Japanese Red Cross, ICRC, IFRC (approximately 40 people)

Co-host organizers:
5 Red Cross Societies from Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway and Japan


May 15 (Wed)
14:00~14:45 Opening Session (Open to media)
Opening remarks by
- Mr. Tadateru Konoe, President of the Japanese Red Cross Society
- Mr. Kazumi Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima City
- Mr. Peter Maurer, President of ICRC (to be delivered by proxy)
- Ambassador Sergio Duarte, Former UN High Representative for Disarmament
- Mr. Greg Vickery, Chair, Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
15:15~16:30 Session 1- Red Cross Resolution and the Global Context
16:30~18:30 Special Session- the meaning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

May 16 (Thu)
09:00~10:30 Session 2- Current multilateral processes on nuclear weapons
11:00~11:30 Keynote address by Hidehiko Yuzaki, Governor, Hiroshima Prefecture, “Hiroshima’s approach to Peace”
11:30~12:30 Session 3- Communicating/mobilizing on Health Effects
14:00~15:00 Session 4- Communicating/mobilizing on Environmental Impacts
15:00~16:00 Session 5- Communicating/mobilizing on Assistance Capacities
16:30~17:30 Session 6- Communicating/mobilizing on International Humanitarian LawL
17:30~18:30  Session 7- Highlights from discussions in working groups

May 17 (Fri)
08:30~09:30 Session 8- Developing a network of active national societies
09:30~11:00 Session 9- Review of draft action plan for national societies
11:30~12:30 Session 10-Review of draft solution for 2013 Council of Delegate
12:30~13:00 Closing Session

If you are interested in attending the sessions open to media, please call Japanese Red Cross Society.

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Japanese Red Cross Society
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