Motor Sports, Japan, Disasters, Red Cross

What do they have in common? Krisztián Füge, 16-year-old racer of the Hungarian Suzuki Swift Championship and Red Cross volunteer, adores Japanese culture. He is learning the language and familiarizing himself with the long-standing traditions of Japanese civilization. His teacher, Emi Terayama, has been of great help to the young racer, providing interesting facts and information during the language lessons.

A strange coincidence: Krisztian had his very first racing accident on 11 March 2011, the very day the devastating earthquake hit Japan. Since that terrible day, in remembrance of the injured and the victims of the disaster, and in honour of those participating in the rescue operations, Krisztián has a Japanese flag with ‘with Japan’ on his race car, and he prays for Japan every single day.

As a Red Cross volunteer, Krisztián has proven his social consciousness; he supports those in need. Besides regular volunteering activities, as a humanitarian racer he will participate in this year’s special Red Cross initiative called s20 Humanitarian Racing, an operation aiming to shape our society with the help of car and motorcycle racers. The primary goal is to promote humanitarian activities and a more responsible lifestyle.

To achieve these goals, Krisztián will race wearing the logo of Red Cross and s20, along with a message relating to a selected activity of the Organization. The theme of the Japanese earthquake will be present as well: the two new elements of the year are the work of a Japanese artist depicting a tsunami, and the Japanese flag in the tyres of the car.

Krisztián is confident he will achieve good ranks, and hopes his childhood dream to live in Japan, experience the culture, meet the people and try Japanese racing, will come true.