Haiti Earthquake:Sending a medical Team

On the morning of January 13, in Japan, we heard the news about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The International Relief Division of Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) immediately deployed one French-speaking aid worker to Haiti in order to assess the situation and coor-dinate with other National Societies on the ground.
Given the enormous scale of the disaster, JRCS quickly decided to de-ploy a Basic Health Care Emergency Response Unit, under the coordi-nation of the IFRC. The President of JRCS, Mr. Tadateru Konoe, who is also the newly elected President of the IFRC, left Japan to visit Haiti on January 17, together with IFRC Secretary General Bekele Geleta. In total, JRCS sent 19 staff members through January alone.

Miho Sekizuka, a nurse with the ERU team, reflected on the first day of her work in an ERU tent clinic which was set up right next to the evacuation camp: “We received about 80 patients. Some of them had injuries caused by the earthquake, with others reporting headaches, fever, and diorrea. We also treated patients with high blood pressure or chronic diseases, so there will be needs for our medical service until the health structure is recovered,” she said.

“Volunteers from the Haitian Red Cross kept saying ‘thank you’ to me for coming all the way from Japan. So I would like to pass this word to the Japanese public who generously donated to Red Cross,” said Miho.